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1D Imagines

so we do One Direction imagines, preferences, outfits, Ships and answer any questions
Feb 16 '13

Harry imagine for Jess: you hate each other but…

you were really close to the boys of One Direction. you were really good friends with all of them apart from Harry. he always seemed to get under skin, push all your buttons and you hated him for it. you always did it back finding it amusing seeing him getting angry or frustrated at you. the thing he hated most was when you laughed in his face ad that was what you just did. you had been teasing him all day and now he had stormed out of the recording studio. “Maybe that was a little too far Jess.” Liam said. “Yeah.” Niall said agreeing with him. “Fine I’ll go and say i pushed it to far and say sorry.” you huffed. you really didn’t want to admit you did wrong especially to Harry fucking Styles. you walked out of the back door of the studio onto the fire escape the way Harry went. you saw him a few flights up. you walked up the flights of stairs trying to be quiet. you wanted it over and fast you were a few steps until you reached Harry when he turned to face you. “What do you want Jess? Haven’t you done enough  Don’t you know when to leave it?” Harry said his tine rising with every word. “Harry no. I came to say sorry. I know I pushed it a little too far this time and I’m sorry, okay?” you said looking into his green eyes. “What? well, well do we have Jess Y/L/N saying sorry to me? who would have thought the day would come?” Harry said with a playful smirk on his lips. “God Harry I’m only saying sorry.” you said walking the last few steps onto his platform. “Can I have that in writing Jessie?” he smirks again. “For fucks sake Harry! you can never let anything go can you? you always have to go on! I hate you! are you happy now? happy that I hate you? just fuck off Styles!” you shout at Harry’s shocked face before turning around to heard back regretting you ever came. “Wait Jess!” Harry spins you round so you back is against the cold brick wall. suddenly his plump lips were crashing against yours and you reacted in the only way you wanted to, you kissed him back. yo had never felt this towards Harry before but you knew it was all you ever wanted when his lips met yours. “I treated you the way I did Jess because I hated that I was mad for a girl that hatred me and so to hide it i bit back instead of admitting it.” you didn’t say anything else you just kissed back knowing it was the only thing that could show him how you truly felt. 

hope you like xx